Paxley Baby Sunglasses Kids Sunglasses Infant Sunglasses Handcrafted in Italy Paxley Baby Sunglasses Kids Sunglasses Infant Sunglasses Handcrafted in Italy

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What Makes Paxley Sunglasses for Infants and Children So Unique?

Living in sunny Los Angeles, the origins of Paxley began with a quest to find protective as well as stylish kids' eyewear. We looked far and wide to find chic sunglasses that were durable and baby-safe for our little ones, but never quite found a pair that had everything we were looking for. After going through several pairs of ill-fitting sunglasses that would often break, frustration turned into inspiration when we took it upon ourselves to create the perfect pair made specifically for infants and kids.

Using safe materials was one of our must-haves. After coming across so many baby sunglasses that were made with questionable chemicals and not as protective as they claimed to be, we knew we could do better. Paxley sunglasses and optical frames are handcrafted in Italy from high-quality, baby-safe materials that are BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free, Phthalates-free, and latex-free. There's no paint or glue. In addition, Paxley sunglasses for children are lightweight and durable, and fitted with shatterproof and impact-resistant Category 3 lenses which provide UV400 level protection that meets US, Europe, Australian and New Zealand standards. As if that wasn't enough, they've been extensively tested and comply with US and International certifications for safety.

Thoughtful Design and Safety in Mind for kids sunglasses.

During the design phase of the frames, we became sticklers for engineering the perfect pair for young ones. Rather than a one-size-fits all pair, we extensively researched infant and toddler head dimensions to create three sizes for the most ideal fit. The nose pads on Paxley frames are also designed for daintier noses to help prevent the frames from pushing up against the cheeks. Another unique feature is the core wire in the soft, rubber temples. Like adults, kids come in all sizes, which is why all Paxley temples are adjustable if need be. The better the overall fit, the better they look.

One of our proudest safety features is the innovative SafeBend technology, which is incorporated into the "hinge." Unlike typical hinges on eyewear, Paxley frames won't pinch small baby hands or catch on clothing and hair, and are durable enough to withstand pulling and stretching.

With all the goodness put into award-winning Paxley eyewear, they also happen to be achingly stylish. The chic, timeless silhouettes come in a variety of candy-like colors and combinations. Each frame comes with a protective pouch and headstrap. Great for travel and active babies, our sunglasses also make the perfect baby shower gift.

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